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Monday, 12 February 2018

A Good Vintage Cardigan

This has been a long time in the making. I first saw it in Simply Crochet magazine last Spring and, once I’d ordered the yarn, I started it in April.

Worsening osteo arthritis in my hands meant that progress was slow, and Once Summer arrived, I wouldn’t need a warm cardigan.

Here in Lanzarote, only a light cardigan is needed in evenings if I am out and about. Therefore the project was shelved until this Winter and I again took it up determined to complete it.

Less than a week ago I was still putting the finishing touches to it at our local Knit and Natter group.

After sewing in all those ends - note to self, never crochet in stripes again - and adding the buttons, it was ready for a little gentle steam on the blocks.

I used Sirdar Country Style 4 ply, a wool blend yarn. This comes in 50g balls and, although I need more for the main colour, I ordered only one of each of the stripe colours. Because I made the small size, I reckon I still have enough to make another cardigan (or a waistcoat at least)! Whilst it’s a reasonably priced yarn, this is not very economical, and there is no way I’m having another project with quite so many ends to sew in.

This is what it looks like mostly unbuttoned. Read more on my Ravelry page, where all my projects are stored.

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  1. It's beautiful and looks great on you. You're even cute when you squint.