Welcome to my 'other blog' the one that explores my crafty side. I have been a maker of 'things' since childhood. By nature I'm creative. I still love to write, and you can click on this link to visit my blog: Hanging On My Word, which is where I indulge in the thought and word side. Although a teacher by profession, I don't offer tutorials. This is my showcase of projects I like to share. So pull aside the curtains and let's begin (I'm a bit theatrical too!).

Monday, 29 August 2016

Baby Blanket Blue

I nearly called this post Baby Blanket Blues, but it sounded like the song from the television programme Sesame Street, ‘Baby Blankie Blues’ so I dropped the final “s” and now I have Neil Diamond’s ‘Song Sung Blue’ going round my head instead!

Song sung blue
Weeping like a willow
Song, sung blue
Sleeping on my pillow

Well this little chap is certainly sleeping, and he seems quite content with his new baby blanket. Thomas is a few weeks old now and he’s already able to charm with that smile. We’ve known his mum since she was a little girl and the playmate of our own two, so it was a pleasure to be able to make his blanket, which is proving just as useful to lie on as under.

The pattern is free from Black Sheep Wools website. I used Schachenmayr Bravo Color (02119, which is a random dye double knit acrylic yarn for the granny squares, and Boyes Double Knit (1422 Aspen) for the edging and joining.  Each 50gm ball of yarn made four squares.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Something For Nothing

This is a vintage Monsoon labels dress, which I tracked down in some charity shop or other about ten years ago, when it was probably already old. The colours were still vibrant and, as it was 100% cotton, it was a perfect ‘cool’ wear for the hot Lanzarote summers.

Then I went and lost 2.5 stones in weight (about 16 kilos); amazing what retirement does for a healthy lifestyle. I hacked away at the material and preserved the best bits - mostly the voluminous skirt- with the intention of making something with it a later stage. It languished in a drawer until recently, when I thought of trying to make a simple bolero/jacket. I drew round my daughter’s shop-bought model, and made a pattern for the front (two pieces) and the back (one), and here it is!

Eight years since the first pics - older, wiser, slimmer, wrinklier (me) and still vibrant and useful (the jacket), but also me :)