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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Vintage Santa Mouse

This little Santa Mouse is looking good, considering his great age. The pattern dates back to at least 1983, which is the first sighting of him on our Christmas Tree. I have a feeling this one may have been made a few years later and that I gave away the original. That said, he’s still getting on a bit as I haven’t crocheted for years, until I took it up again quite recently.

Can you spot him?

I still have the pattern and I’m reproducing it here, alongside the Christmas stockings and bells, which were also part of the pattern. Crocheting was very much in vogue in the 1970s and the early 80s, but, as with knitting, it dropped out of favour for many years, until the recent resurgence of interest.

  I think the pattern came from a women’s magazine, judging by the story illustration on the back; I’ve searched on line but can’t find it anywhere else.

Every year Santa Mouse now joins the Christmas Teddies in the hall. There’s ‘Little Donkey’ and  ‘Bear in a Kit’ from last year’s blogpost.


  1. A relative works in a therapy unit and got her patients to knit Christmas ornaments. Some of the people are quite disturbed and the ornaments are unusual but sweet and they have them on the tree each year.

  2. Oh he's sweet! I quite like the look of the little crochet bells in that old pattern too.

  3. Pretty visitors at Christmastime. I used to make Christmas ornaments together with my grand children, some are still used on the tree at Christmas time. Now, when I feel like using knitting needles I knit cotton dishcloth in various colours and patterns. They are nice to use and make pretty, handmade presents.