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Friday, 3 April 2015

Ready for the Hunt

It’s the Easter Egg Hunt that we’re all ready for here! The two Bunny Bags above are for my grandchildren. The original design by Emma Herian was in ’Making’ magazine, published by the Crafts Institute. I changed the single cross-stitch eye for something a bit different. I made them with that same pink and blue gingham that I had used for their dress and shirt in ‘From the Heart’ and Adding an Extension’. I hope they recognise it!

Matching pink and blue buttons and embroidered mouths complete the look. Luckily I had some of the correct buttons in my stash. ‘Love hearts’ my grandson calls them.

I also added matching gingham bows with a gingham button in the centre to put my individual stamp on the design.  A pom-pom tail on the reverse adds to the appeal.

The pictures show a third bunny for some lucky person! Also note the ‘Sewn with Love’ tags stitched into the seam. These were puchased online from Crafty Ribbons.com.

This shows the how the mechanics of the bag work. The opening is ample for tiny hands to pop in their mini-Easter Eggs as they go on the trail to discover all the hiding places.

Note, don’t ever ‘hide’ the eggs on top of a cool radiator and forget where you’ve hidden them; the chocolatey dribble down the front of the heater next day, when then timer kicks in, is a bit of a giveaway!

When  the hunt is over, the ears can be tied together to a) stop the eggs spilling onto the floor, and b) stop those same tiny fingers from scoffing the lot and being sick.

If you fancy having a go at making your own bunny bags - probably for next year now, given the time frame - the Crafts Institute blog has the template to download for free.

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