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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Reincarnation of Pink Bunny

This tale has a happy ending but there are some sad moments along the way. You need to know that when my daughter was small I made her a soft toy rabbit, which she grew to love and who even went with her when she left home. Whenever she moved house he went with her. He was made out of pink fur fabric because I’d been given a big heap of remnants and it made sense at the time to make hers in pink; when  her brother came along he had a blue one exactly the same. They were known simply as Pink Bunny and Blue Bunny and both were boys. Here they are enjoying a dolls’ tea party some thirty-three years ago.

I must have made a good job of putting them together because they were very robust and survived a lot of loving. Blue Bunny left home when my son did and now is the treasured companion of my six-year old grandson. You can read about the 'Makeover for Blue Bunny’ here, where you will see him rejuvenated. He is still going strong and still subject to some quite rough and tumble games.

But this post is about Pink Bunny and you may be wondering why he needed to be reincarnated if he was so well made. Well, here’s the sad bit - get the tissues ready.

Above is a photo of Pink Bunny in 2007 settling into his new bedroom. My daughter always made sure we knew what he was up to.  The following year my daughter suffered a devastating house fire in which she was lucky to escape with her life. Pink Bunny was sitting atop the wardrobe and when that went so did he. She lost an awful of of her possessions and the whole episode was very traumatic. I resolved to make a Pink Bunny Mark 2 as soon as I could track down the pattern.

A prolonged Internet search meant I was lucky enough to find the very book with the pattern in. I’d long ago given mine away but was able to have this very good second-hand copy shipped out to Lanzarote for a very small sum. I also sourced the pink fur fabric in the same way.

My daughter was delighted with Pink Bunny Mark Two, although he will never hold quite the same place in her heart as the original.                

Here Pink Bunny II poses with the original book from the 1970s Pamela Peake’s Creative Soft Toy Making, which is full of wonderful patterns for sot toys and rag dolls, although it is very much of the era.

And in the second picture with Susie Mark Two and that’s another story!

In my next blogpost there’s another exciting development; I bet you can hardly wait. Wendy and Wanda meet Minnie the Pink. Watch this space.


  1. What a Bunny!! what talent your have! Love the story X T

  2. really glad there's a happy ending! Terrible about the fire, your poor daughter, must have been awful. I'm sure she's so touched you went to all that trouble to find the pattern for PB 2.
    I'll be watching out for the bunny, Minnie meet-up!

  3. Fires are so devastating. I'm so glad you were able to find the pattern again and reincarnate the pink bunny. The wonderful benefits of the world wide web. He looks a very fine pink bunny indeed.