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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Welcome Wanda!

After making Wendy, who featured in my last post ‘Wendy’s Wardrobe’, I decided to make another knitted rabbit. As Wendy was my first attempt at the craft I thought following the pattern a second time would help me get into the swing of things. This rabbit was made from a grey double knitting yarn of my own, and so differed slightly from the original yarn, which came with the magazine.

Issue 58 of ‘Let’s Get Crafting- Knitting and Crochet’ magazine added clothes for the original bunny, designed by Amanda Berry, this time using an Arran-weight yarn. Wendy was therefore the lucky recipient of the skirt and jacket, so she donated her original dress to Wanda (once again named by my husband). A second pair of shoes to match her friend’s and a co-ordinating scarf complete the picture.

I must admit I enjoyed making these two and I’m sure I’ll be making more in the future. I won’t be making a whole warren of them though as some more experienced knitters have. If you take a look at the magazine’s Facebook page you’ll see how popular this design is, with some creative readers adding their own touches, such as lengthening the ears to make them more hare-like (ideal for this month’s Mad March Hare birthdays.


  1. I'm good for a couple more "W" names - Warren for a boy, for example. However, after that, I'll have to burrow deeper..

  2. Glad Wendy has some company now…or are they destined to go their separate ways?? Love the grey with the pink nose :)

  3. Wendy has a friend now! They must be very glad to be together!

  4. Look how cute! :) Love those bunnies.

  5. They do look good mates! I've started my knitting again - my daughter wants me to knit a spider, roughly the span of a cushion, for her hubby who became a bit of hero by tackling a false widow spider during the summer! I used to knit pink or blue spiders' for the newborn baby's pram.