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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Wendy’s Wardrobe

Meet Wendy, my latest creation. She started life as Bramble Bunny, designed by Amanda Berry, in Issue 57 of 'Let’s Get Crafting - Knitting and Crochet’ magazine. As followers will recall, when it comes to yarn I’m a crochet gal; however, I was so taken with this little bunny that I decided to have a bash at knitting!

It was a great learning opportunity, but I’m sure the expert knitter in my family, my 93 year-old Mum, would be able to put me right on how to hold the needles and so on. Unfortunately she is in England and I am in Lanzarote, so I am teaching myself.

What I have discovered is that my comfy armchair, where I crochet in the evenings, restricts my movements when it comes to holding a pair of needles; I knew there was a reason why I favoured hook over needles. I will not be beaten and intend to learn more of this fascinating craft.

My husband has been following my progress and decided that this bunny needed a name and a personality if we were to get beyond page one of the learners’ manual. He is the namer of toys and pets in the family and he took one look at my effort and instantly decided that she was a ‘Wendy’.

I bought this magazine on a trip to UK back in December. It’s not yet available in digital format, which is a shame. My other craft magazines are and it’s a bonus as I can read them on the iPad. The magazine comes with a selection of yarns, knitting needles and a crochet hook and inside there are projects and patterns to use your yarn .

Once I had created Wendy and her first outfit of dress and shoes, I decided that she needed some more clothes. We are promised more patterns in Issue 58, out now in UK, but even I could manage a headband with crochet flower, and a scarf, to tide her over. I will have to ask one of my friends who is visiting to get me the magazine.

The picture on the right shows Wendy’s cute little ‘powder puff’ tail, made from a mixture of pink and white yarns in the pack.

I didn’t manage the ‘Fairisle’ pattern, shown in the magazine bunny, and opted for a crochet edge instead. There were no complaints from Wendy.

On the left she sports her Olivia Newton-John- style headband.

She was ready for some contrast in her accessories, so I delved into my stash to make this little pink scarf. With the colder weather (It gets pretty chilly in the evenings, even here), she’s really in need of some bloomers/knickers/pants and possibly a little jacket. Let’s hope Issue 58, when it finally arrives here, will supply me with the pattern.

Wendy will feature again I’m sure, so come back again and see what I’ve managed to add to her wardrobe.

And now the pattern is free to download on the Let’s Get Crafting website, though you may have to register.


  1. Wendy is so very cute! And her cloths look lovely! Please, say her 'hello' from Auntie Prenter. Wishing you a soon next issue 58. Greetings, Prenter.

  2. Olivia Newton-John - ha, now you're dating yourself! That aside, I'm impressed that anyone can learn to knit without an instructor sitting nearby. I can knit and purl and create a long rectangle -- just don't ask me to add or reduce or change directions or anything else that resembles REAL knitting.

  3. Wendy is fabulous and so is your knitting! Looking forward to seeing her next outfit x

  4. Your husband really is good at picking names - she is a perfect Wendy!

  5. Fancy fingered fun. I do love her pompom fud!

  6. How cute she is!! Wow, you're in Lanzarote! How come you live there? I was really hoping to be in Lanzarote tomorrow as saw a last minute deal and wanted some sun, so much but my husband didn't want to go. Make me jealous- is it lovely and warm there? X