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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Just in Case

Just before Christmas I became the proud owner of an iPad mini Retina. This was a revelation in so many ways, but mostly in its portability. My old iPad was great and I carried it all round Venice and Northern Spain last year, but it was on the heavy side with its Targus click-in case. I decided to make a protective pouch for the new arrival.

Inside the pouch, showing the free-embroidery on the fleece.

The fabric, with lovely jewel-coloured fans pattern was already a favourite and I had used it to make one of my pocket tissue covers. I didn’t use a pattern for this project, and probably broke all the rules in the book, but I was pretty pleased with the result.

I used wadding between two layers of fabric; the fan-patterns and some fleecy stuff on the inside. Then I free-quilted using machine-embroidery thread to make a piece of quilted fabric of approximately the right size. I added a flap (non-quilted) and neatened the raw edges with a strip of the same fabric. All the finishing touches were down with my best hand-sewing and then a couple of press-studs and a shiny button and loop completed the look.

The result is a much more portable iPad, which adds little weight to my handbag. this means that I can whip it out and flash this blogpost with ease!


  1. It's lovely Marilyn, gorgeous fabric and special to have made your own unique case.
    Pretty sure I break all the rules in the book too when I sew anything! x

  2. I recently swapped my old iPad for a mini as well - so glad I did so, as it's so much more portable. I do like the case you've made, such pretty fabric.