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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

One Down, Seven to Go.

I was between garments and my crochet finger was itching when I saw this pattern. My Mum passed it on to me, cut out of her 'Yours' magazine, but if you fancy making one, you can find it on line here.

The pattern calls him 'Squiddly Dudley', and as I can't think of anything better to call him, that's what he must remain. I didn't use the recommended yarn as I wanted to use up some sparkly green stuff from my stash. The only problem with that was that the stuffing shows through a little. Never mind, it adds to his charm The patterns says it's for crocheters with some experience, and I wouldn't attempt it as a first project, but it was fairly straightforward, and once I'd made one leg, the other seven were easy to replicate.

On the other side of the PDF download is 'Camilla the Pretty Pony'. I think I'll save that for when I have another gap in the projects I've got lined up.


  1. I don't know how I missed this, it's just so sweet and think the sparkly green works really well. Such a great name too! Like the sound of the pony, sure it would go down a treat with my youngest.