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Friday, 13 September 2013

A Stitch In Time

I'm amazed that this photo is one of only two of me with needlework in my hand, and the only one where I'm actually sewing. Considering that I get fidgety if I'm not creating something with a needle or hook, and that I usually have something crafty tucked into my handbag,  I would have thought there'd have been more evidence. There is a grainy, silent cine clip of me in 1979, sitting at my sewing machine making a soft toy, but I can't put that on here.

I'm obviously absorbed in the project, much like the woman in the prompt picture for this week's Sepia Saturday. Looking afresh at this photo from fifteen years ago, there are several facts to be drawn from it - apart from the obvious ones; that my hair is just beginning to get the first hint of grey, and that I could still do close work without the aid of reading glasses. I note also that we still had our beloved purple blanket, which always went on picnics and holidays with us.

This is before we owned a digital camera, but I can tell you the exact date and location, not because I wrote it on the back, but because it was in my holiday scrapbook. It was 1998, the year we had our second ever holiday in Ireland, having fallen in love with it the year before. According to my scrapbook we had found a quiet place for a picnic - Seal Harbour, overlooking Bantry Bay, Glengarriff, County Cork. We chatted with a local man walking his dog, went blackberrying, and one of us (it wasn't me) went for a dip in a surprisingly warm sea. Other photographic evidence on those pages, showed that the telescope was employed for seal-spotting, that we were content to explore rock pools and to admire the stunningly beautiful landscape.

The second picture was taken in May1992 on a visit to my sister-in-law's. Again, I was making the most of the opportunity to sit in the sunshine and take advantage of the good light to work on the sampler I was making for my parents' Golden Wedding Anniversary a few weeks later.

Our niece is holding up the 'work in progress' whilst I am studying the chart. I did manage to complete the sampler and have it framed in time. The picture I have is not very clear and doesn't show the true colours, and I will replace it when I next visit UK and take a better photograph or scan. Nonetheless I was very pleased with it.

I think I get my habit of using every opportunity to hone my craft from my mother.  Although she too was a good needlewoman, she prefers knitting. Like me, she is at a loose end with no knitting 'on the go' as she puts it. At nearly 93 she still always has a project to discuss with me in our daily phone calls. Scrolling down to previous posts here will show you some evidence of our collaboration.


Looking through the albums I found several where Mum was knitting whilst friends were round for a chat or a drink, like the one above. My favourites however, are the ones of Mum beach-knitting. This one from 1956, shows Mum knitting away whilst keeping one eye out for my brother and me.

Years later, when my parents shared a family holiday with us in Northumberland, I was crocheting myself a sweater, made up of a sort of patchwork of pieces.
The whole thing required stitching together and then finishing off with knitted cuffs, waistband and neckband. This is where Mum came in. In this 1989 photograph  she is turning to Dad, who is sketching the scenery, whilst I tackle another piece of the sweater.

In April this year, Mum came to visit us in Lanzarote and we were at it again; Mum is beach-knitting and I'm beach-crocheting. The dear old purple blanket has gone and now we are both silver-haired.

We still get engrossed in our needlework though, of whatever variety. To check on other absorbing posts, thread your way through to Sepia Saturday and see what others have made of this picture prompt.