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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Ravelled Bolero

bolero |bəˈlɛːrəʊ|
noun ( pl. boleros )a Spanish dance in simple triple time.• a piece of music for or in the timeof a bolero.(also bolero jacket )a woman's short open jacket.ORIGIN late 18th cent.: from Spanish.Sorry, I couldn't resist the puns. I actually like the music, Boléro by Marice Ravel which will always remind me of Torvill and Dean's victory at the 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo, but I have to admit that this bolero of mine became ravelled and unravelled several times, until I finally had the solution - the pattern was wrong! I'll spare you all the ins and outs; what follows is the simplified version.
I saw the pattern on the front cover of a new magazine 'Simply Crochet' (Issue 3) and it looked to be well within my crocheting skills, so I sent for the yarn from Black Sheep Wools* who happened to have an offer on in the peach colour, so that's what I ordered. All went well until Row 9, when, no matter what I did I couldn't get it to work. I drew diagrams and sketches and even gave my husband a crash course in crochet - not the actual hooking, just the chart. Being mathematically minded, he agreed that it was not right and that I wasn't losing my marbles. A thread was started on the Simply Crochet Facebook page, which revealed that others were having the same problem. Similar pleas for help were issued on the Simply Crochet website. We even contacted the designer. I promised you a short version so I'll cut to the chase. In the end a revised pattern was issued (with chart) and at least three people to my knowledge, have completed the garment and shown it on the Facebook page. I've added it to the Ravelry database and shown my finished garment in the Simply Crochet 'finished projects' forum on there, and hopefully many more people will enjoy making it. Once the glitch was sorted out, it really was a joy to make, and now I'm making a second one for someone else. The magazine seems to have got over its teething problems and continues to provide a really good read each month with patterns, ideas, stories and other inspiration. 

The Lacy Bolero is designed by Ruth Maddock and I used the recommended yarn, Debbie Bliss Eco Baby Fairtrade (100% cotton, 50g/125m). I made it in the small size which used five balls. and only cost me £9.95 to make. Hook size was 3.5mm (U.K.). The button was one I had already. I've got the yarn for another one in a pretty plum/aubergine colour (14021) in my stash. Just right for the Autumn here - as long as I can get my other projects finished - it may be Autumn 2014!*Excellent customer service from this company, who shipped my parcel in days. 


  1. I love to crochet too. I am very happy to see that it is becoming fashionable again. I might need to look into subscribing to the magazine.