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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Problem Solved

You may remember from my previous post that when I presented his twin sister with a knitted hat, adorned with crochet flowers, my grandson put in a request for a Super Mario hat. I could only find American crochet patterns, so we were stumped for a while. Fortunately my clever Mum came to the rescue again. My son sent her a picture of Mario and she made this hat up out of her own head, with no pattern. Needless to say he was delighted. The second picture is a still from the video my son took of him opening the parcel and ringing his Great-Grandma to say thank you. Outfit complete: Super Mario Hat, Angry Birds tee-shirt and Sonic the Hedgehog slippers. The iPad Kid! Fortunately he likes reading and playing with construction toys too. The project served two purposes; keeping my 92 year old Mum occupied with a knitting challenge, and making a little boy very happy.


  1. Your mum's a marvel! It looks brilliant! I can just imagine how excited your grandson was. Sorry the link wasn't much use, didn't think about it being an american pattern, but no need anyway! x

  2. The hat is darling and so is he! Your Mum is very clever, that is for sure.

    Kathy M.

  3. That's a great hat!
    And you have a lovely grandson! And a lovely granddaughter, on the picture you posted 13 August she's so happy, too. It's a joy to see both of them - and your and your Mums crafty works!