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Sunday, 9 June 2013

A Combined Effort

My 92 year old Mum loves to knit and recently enjoyed a beret pattern so much so that she couldn't stop making them. She's done three so far. I offered to make a crochet flower to stitch on the side. My grandaughter and her cousin were the lucky recipients of the first two and a friend's grandaughter has just got hers in the post. Mind you, her little brother has also take a shine to it! My grandson wanted to know where his hat was when his twin sister was given hers, so I asked him what sort of hat he'd like making; his answer was 'Super Mario'! So...if anyone knows of a good (English) crochet pattern for a boy's Super Mario hat please let me know. There seems to be a shortage of crochet patterns for boys' garments generally. The pattern for the pink flower came from 'Simply Crochet' magazine, issue two. I added a simple circle and a button.

My grandaughter models her hat.
Trying it French fashion.

Must make sure it looks OK

Flower + centre + button

Breaking in her cousin's hat for her!
Another satisfied customer

Little brother 'borrows' it


  1. Gorgeous pictures :) Love the berets, your mum is amazing! And the crocheted flowers look perfect on them. Think this link might help with the Super Mario hat x

  2. Lovely hats! lovely models for the hats!

  3. Oh berets with big flowers always look so jaunty. And specially on kids. They seem to have the jaunty faces to go with them!

  4. Beautiful berets for beautiful models! I knit, but never tried crochet. With patterns such as these, I may be tempted to give it a go!

  5. These are adorable, and I would like one for myself. Are they easy to make? I love the pictures of the kids, Nell. What cuties!

    Kathy M.

  6. What lovely berets and children! I have many berets, but mine are made of felt. Don't believe I have one crocheted. I tried to learn to do needlpoint, etc. from my Mom, she was left handed, I was right handed, so I gave up, took up sewing instead....