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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Blowing in the Wind

A visit a few months ago to an exhibition by a local Lanzarote artist, inspired me to have a go at making a mobile similar to hers. Dora Prehn had used a mixture of natural materials and sparkling beads to make these attractive mobiles hanging at Los Aljibes restaurant.

It took me a while to gather the materials I needed. I decided to use whatever treasures I could find on my walks, so my mobile differed somewhat from Dora's.

These are leaf skeletons of prickly pear plants, which are quite fleshy when growing, but when they die the flesh falls away leaving rather beautiful and intricately lacy structures which are strong enough to support the items in the mobile. Here they are in their natural state on Montaña de Guardelama.

I also used cuttle fish bones and shells found on different beaches here, and the seed heads of agave plants, similar to this one growing in my garden.

It's very breezy on this island and sometimes the winds can be so strong that they blow the mobiles away or cause them to tangle. For this reason I chose to hang my mobile in a more sheltered spot over our outside dining table, where it's protected by glass on one side.

Here it is photographed against a white wall so that the different elements can be more easily viewed.

And here it is hanging above the dining area. You can't just view static pictures of something to which movement is intrinsic, so I've added a short movie clip too so that you can appreciate how soothing it is to watch It doesn't work on iPads or, ironically, 'mobile'apps). Click on any photo to enlarge and view in Lightbox. I'm also linking gto Lakota's Ta-dah! Tuesday, where you can see lots of other creative ideas by crafty people.


  1. Lovely Creation Marilyn...instead of just steping on these lovely materials, you have created a piece of Art X T

  2. Wow, Marilyn that is amazing, it moves so gently, and nearly full circle. Your video really shows it off, and it would be fun to give a go at trying one myself!

  3. Gorgeous Marilyn, very calming to look at. I like the use of natural materials, you really inspired me to have a go.

  4. That's very cool indeed. I have a piece of driftwood I picked up ages ago which would be perfect for something like this, although I think it needs the oceanic/volcanic kind of background you have to really work.

  5. It looks so beautiful!

  6. Wonderful the way it gently turns, and love all the things you found to use, especially the prickly pear leaf skeleton - had no idea they looked like that. Perfect above your table x

  7. Marilyn,your artwork looks very pretty with all the natural dried materials and turns so quietly and gently. You must have had so much pleasure to look for the suitable plants to make your mobile. Your desert garden looks beautiful.