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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Lucky Me!

'Lucky' four-leaved clovers

They can be made into greeting cards

I got carried away!

Well, it was St.Patrick's day on Sunday, and although I haven't got a drop of Irish blood in me (as far as I know) I was quite taken with the little crocheted shamrocks which could also be turned into a four-leaved clover by virtue of an extra round. There is a plethora of free downloads of patterns for these on the web, and its easy enough to find them using google. They are very easy to make and the problem is knowing when to stop. They can be made into greeting cards for St Patrick's day or Good Luck cards, or even attached to a small safety pin to make a little good luck brooch for a friend (or yourself). 

Bit of a quick one this week but next week I'll be sharing a follow-up to my patchwork owl cushion from a couple of weeks ago.

Linking to Lakota's Ta-Dah! Tuesday, on Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping, where you can meet other crafty bloggers showcasing their achievements.


  1. I am Irish and I made lots of these little shamrocks last year! Lovely to see them again, really fun and quick to crochet. Easy to get carried away! x

  2. How cute, I love them as good luck cards/tokens. Great idea!

  3. Love your blogs, you're so creative! I think like Lakota said, the shamrocks would make lovely good luck charms to give friends and family. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on mine! XXX

  4. I can remember hunting all over the place for a four-leaf clover back when I was but a wee lad, but I do not remember ever finding one. Sigh.