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Tuesday, 5 March 2013


A good way to use scaps of fabric and create little gifts for friends at the same time. Pocket tissue holders which take a matter of moments to make, and at this time of year, when everyone is sneezing it seems, they come in very handy. If you have a friend who has a particular hobby or liking, you can match the fabric to a theme.

I like the 'Kiss a frog to find your prince' design and have someone in mind for that one. My sister-in-law is a great cook and bakes wonderful cakes, so there's one for her in here too. I made the exotic fans fabric up for a friend's birthday to match the lovely fan I bought her from the Prado Museum in Madrid.

I can't claim to have invented these. They came from a great blog: Very Purple Person and here is her tutorial link. What are you waiting for? Get ahead of the game and start stitching your Christmas stocking fillers now!

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  1. such a good idea and love the way you've themed them! A really thoughtful present. I'll check out the tutorial.
    (btw I have an old 70's knitting pattern for some lovely Sasha outfits - if you'd like I could send you a copy?)

    1. I'm not a knitter but my Mum is (still knitting at 92). She knitted some lovely stuff at the time but has got rid of the patterns I think. She's always looking for a knitting project. I'll see what she says.- how can I contact you. You can e-mail me :)

  2. ...and all fall down! Hopefully not! These tissue holders look nicer then a plain box. Lovely and thoughtful presents.

  3. Cute idea, loads nicer than the plastic packets. Now to get my youngest to use a tissue instead of his sleeve...

  4. Oh, this is so cute. And I'm always so reluctant to throw away any scraps of fabric after a sewing project. These small treasures are a perfect use for them. Thanks for sharing,

    Sue xo