Welcome to my 'other blog' the one that explores my crafty side. I have been a maker of 'things' since childhood. By nature I'm creative. I still love to write, and you can click on this link to visit my blog: Hanging On My Word, which is where I indulge in the thought and word side. Although a teacher by profession, I don't offer tutorials. This is my showcase of projects I like to share. So pull aside the curtains and let's begin (I'm a bit theatrical too!).

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Twit Twoo Times Two

Remember the patchwork cushion from a couple of weeks ago in 'It's a Hoot'?  The pattern was featured in Sew Magazine issue 43 - the January 2013 issue, and can be downloaded from their website. I decided to scale up the pattern and make my twin grandchildren an owl toy each. Here is the result.

Those who have followed this blog for a while may notice that I used fabrics the twins will recognise from their own garments. The blue and white and pink and white checks were used for their dress and shirt in 'From The Heart' and the wings were made from the animal print I used for their play suits in Double Trouble.

Here are Twit and Twoo with the original cushions so that you can compare the size.

There's an optical illusion at play here in that the blue owl looks wider and fatter, but they are both made in exactly the same way. I hope the twins like them; I'm saving them for when we see them in a few weeks time, but this week they should be enjoying the little chicks I made for Easter.

And here's my grandaughter's reaction when we finally got to hand over the owls.

And my grandson's.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Lucky Me!

'Lucky' four-leaved clovers

They can be made into greeting cards

I got carried away!

Well, it was St.Patrick's day on Sunday, and although I haven't got a drop of Irish blood in me (as far as I know) I was quite taken with the little crocheted shamrocks which could also be turned into a four-leaved clover by virtue of an extra round. There is a plethora of free downloads of patterns for these on the web, and its easy enough to find them using google. They are very easy to make and the problem is knowing when to stop. They can be made into greeting cards for St Patrick's day or Good Luck cards, or even attached to a small safety pin to make a little good luck brooch for a friend (or yourself). 

Bit of a quick one this week but next week I'll be sharing a follow-up to my patchwork owl cushion from a couple of weeks ago.

Linking to Lakota's Ta-Dah! Tuesday, on Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping, where you can meet other crafty bloggers showcasing their achievements.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

In The Dog House

I decided a while back that several unfinished cross-stitch and blackwork projects left in half-finished, or barely begun states, should be completed. I haven't got very far. I took photographs of all the pieces and then carefully put them away again. However, one project, however small, is a triumph of sorts.

Here is 'Snatch the Dog' in his printed kennel mount, and below in the shameful unfinished state.

It wasn't an easy or particularly enjoyable project, which is why I parked it in the first place - all those different shades of brown, cream and beige. I used to cross -stitch whilst watching TV in the evening as a way of relaxing, but these days it seems I have one ear and eye cocked to the TV and the other on the iPad catching up with bloggers!

Ah well, Snatch is complete at last and ready for framing. I see he was a a DMC kit which originally came attached to Cross Stitcher magazine. But when I say it was the January 2003 issue that puts things in perspective. It's only taken ten years, so don't hold your breath for the others to be showcased here.

There's hope for the lovebirds I suppose.

But not I fear, for the blackwork dragonfly or the wild cat's eyes.

And I ought to put myself in the doghouse for not completing this one.

A rather ambitious project of a WW2 Lancaster Bomber. I hang my head in shame when I recall that started it a good couple of years ahead of my dad's 80th birthday, to allow myself plenty of time.  Sadly Dad died last November aged 91 and never got to appreciate the fruits of my labour. I don't feel motivated to pick it up and again either. Never mind, he and Mum were the recipients of many of my efforts over the years, including a Golden Wedding Sampler which still has pride of place in Mum's bedroom, so I think I'll risk sticking my head out of the doghouse now.

Sharing my embarrassment with Lakota's Ta-dah! Tuesday over at Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping, and anyone else who cares to wander by and leave an encouraging comment - looks as though I need it! Coincidentally I see Lakota herself has a rather more modern Cross Stitcher piece to share with you.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


A good way to use scaps of fabric and create little gifts for friends at the same time. Pocket tissue holders which take a matter of moments to make, and at this time of year, when everyone is sneezing it seems, they come in very handy. If you have a friend who has a particular hobby or liking, you can match the fabric to a theme.

I like the 'Kiss a frog to find your prince' design and have someone in mind for that one. My sister-in-law is a great cook and bakes wonderful cakes, so there's one for her in here too. I made the exotic fans fabric up for a friend's birthday to match the lovely fan I bought her from the Prado Museum in Madrid.

I can't claim to have invented these. They came from a great blog: Very Purple Person and here is her tutorial link. What are you waiting for? Get ahead of the game and start stitching your Christmas stocking fillers now!

Linking to Ta-dah! Tuesday on Lakota's 'Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping'.