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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Stress Dress

Another sundress, and this time made from a Cynthia Rowley pattern which came free with the September 2011 issue of Sew Magazine.

I liked what I saw in the magazine and at first wasn't daunted by sewing in stretch fabric. I'd done it before after all. This project turned out to be one of my most unloved. The combination of an invisible zip and very fine stretch fabric nearly drove me to distraction. Well, it's finished now, but I won't be using the pattern again. Nice dress, shame about the stress.

Linking to Lakota's Ta-Dah! Tuesday (only two days late) over at Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping


  1. Very nice! You are really getting me thinking about sewing, Nell. I'm tiring of this computer.

    Kathy M.

  2. Sorry I'm even later replying, been braving the icy winds of Brighton for a few days! Love the pattern, it reminds me of a lino print.

  3. Well done in keeping with it and finishing, looks brill. Scarlett x

  4. It must be really hard to put a zip in that sort of stretch fabric. I don't think I would cope, but your dress looks very good despite all the difficulties.