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Friday, 17 August 2012

Double Trouble

Here are the twins modelling their Summer play outfits, which I made using New Look 6398. They've shot up during the Summer and the tops are already too short. As usual it will be no problem to add a band along the hems, perhaps of a contrasting /plain fabric. That way they should get another Summer's wear out of them - as long as they don't expand widthways during next year!

I bought the pattern secondhand for 50 pence. It was uncut and had the instructions so that was a bargain. I traced the size onto separate paper, keeping the pattern pieces intact. That way I can use this excellent basic pattern for a couple more years (ages 2-7).

I didn't have enough fabric in my stash to make shorts for my grandson, but I think it looks better with contrasting colours for a boy. As I live in Lanzarote I couldn't just nip out to the fabric shop where I bought the original material in England. I don't think I'd use black again, partly because it was difficult to see the threads. Also the reverse of the fabric was only marginally different to the front. This caused a  few headaches. It's a fun design though. The pattern is still available to buy today.

I'm showing this off in Lakota's Ta Dah! Tuesday as I was pleased to complete at least one outfit for the grandchildren this year!


  1. They are so cute, and so are the clothes that you made, Nell. I haven't sewn with black very often and I hadn't thought about the threads being difficult to see.

    Kathy M.

  2. Pretty summer clothes, sure the twins are thrilled. I used to sew for my three girls and I loved it; I also did a lot of knitting, even had a knitting machine.

  3. How lucky they are to have you to make things like this for them! My mum liked to make my clothes, I was so darn ungrateful because I didn't like the fittings.

  4. Gorgeous Grandchildren! I love to see twins dressed the same. I have a twin brother and in the olden days my mother wouldn't dress us similarly or call us 'the twins' as people said it would harm our separate identities. What tosh! I loved being referred to as 'the twins' because it's a very special thing to be a twin!