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Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Elephant in the Room

In this weeks’ Sepia Saturday the photo prompt is a baby elephant. During my hunt for corresponding images on my other blog I started thinking about elephants as motifs in art and crafts. They appear in ancient coins, stamps, heraldry, sculptures, Roman mosaics, and the art of many cultures and religions; African, Indian, Islamic. In children’s alphabet books the letter ‘E’ was often represented by an elephant, and they appear in numerous children’s storybooks notably; The Jungle Book, Babar, Elmer.

 I have a cross-stitch picture of an Indian elephant with a howdah on its back, which I did many years ago, and is still one of my favourites. It came from a 1996 booklet called 'Celebrations in Cross Stitch’; a series which was published with a theme each month.  The other book is a 1943 edition of ‘Felt Toys’ by Mochrie and Roseaman.

I’ve never made the elephant from that book but I did make a miniature Noah’s ark from felt when my children were small in the 1970s. I must have used a pattern in an old pattern book;  I don’t have the pattern any longer but I do have the animals. Here are Mr and Mrs Elephant, looking a bit on the wobbly side these day.

Here’s the original prompt with the baby elephant in sepia.


  1. Two great projects! I used to do a lot of cross-stitching but haven't in years. The elephant with howdah is gorgeous. I studied it so long I almost forgot to comment.

  2. Hi Nell, you do beautiful work! The stuffed elephants that you made are my favorites.

  3. I did some cross-stitching in the 1980s and also went through a Noah's ark phase with country decorating.

  4. This weeks theme is really bringing back memories. My mother made me a felt elephant when I was a child.

    You are very creative. Great Work.

  5. Why didn't I remember Barbar before? Somehow there had to be a soft toy elephant this week.

  6. The elephant cross stitch is lovely. Did you make a whole arkfull of animals?
    The stuffed elephant pair are delightful.