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Saturday, 23 June 2012

A Crafty Old Bag!

That’s me! A Crafty Old Bag! Nothing pleases me more than making something useful, decorative and aesthetically pleasing too, especially when the cost is minimal.

A kind friend was given this lovely piece of tapestry to sell at a charity sale, and, knowing my love of needlecraft, put it on one side and for a small donation it was mine. I was pleased for two reasons; one, the subject matter, a young woman sewing with her daughter leaning on her knee, which could have been me many moons ago; and two, someone else had done all the hard graft of stitching the canvas picture. It was in a sorry state in a dirty old frame and rather bashed about. I took it out of its scruffy frame and washed it carefully by hand in mild detergent, checking that the colours didn’t run, and when it was dry I pressed it on the reverse. I couldn’t get all the marks out left by the frame but that didn’t matter. It languished in tissue paper in a drawer, whist I thought what to do with it. I didn’t want to re-frame it as I already have so many pictures of my own cross-stitch work on the wall that I have to rotate them to give them all a showing.

Whilst sorting through the huge selection of shoppers and tote-bags hanging on the back of the store door I came across this strong canvas bag with a design printed on it - perfect! I covered the design with iron-on vilene and stitched the picture in place.

The result is a lovely new craft bag which will keep my current project clean whilst I tote it around the place. I love it, and when it hangs on the cupboard door in my sewing room it’s decorative too.

The tapestry is based on the Mary Cassatt painting, 'Young Mother Sewing’. Mary Stevenson Cassatt (1844-19260) was an American Impressionist painter and printmaker who often had ‘Mother and Child’ studies as her subjects. She never married, and had no children of her own, but spent time with her sister’s children. Many of her works depict the social and private lives of women and she was a strong supporter of women’s suffrage.

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