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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Tale of Two Mice

When the 2011 'Prima Christmas Makes' showed these adorable mice, I decided to make them for my grandchildren. I hadn’t a hope of getting them finished for Christmas, but as their birthdays were in February, and we’d be visiting then, I set that as my target date. They looked simple to make; after all they were taken from a book called ‘Christmas Crafting in No Time’ by Clare Youngs (Cico £14.99). As my version of the Prima magazine was the digital one, I had difficulty working out the pattern size; there were no actual measurements on the templates. The instructions said ‘“using the template overleaf (enlarging if necessary) cut two body parts........” !  Hmm, 'enlarging if necessary’ was not very helpful. I didn’t have a photocopier, so printing the pages and photocopying wasn’t an option. Instead I used the ‘magnify’ facility on my Zinio Reader on the computer, and traced from the screen, hoping I’d got it right.

There was more work involved in making these charming creatures than I expected but, once the sewing was done, I could happily stuff and embroider whilst watching TV. As the deadline drew near, all I had left to do was the  tails. I didn’t fancy stuffing a long thin piece of linen, so for now, they are tail-less! I can attach tails at a later date. I fancy doing a bit of French Knitting, so perhaps that’s the answer. To personalise the mice, I blanket-stitched around the children’s initials on the dress and shirt.

They went in my hand-luggage to England; after all that effort I wasn’t going to lose them! Knickers and toiletries could be replaced, but not individually made items like these. When I give the twins something I’ve made for them, I always say, “No other little boy or girl in the world has one exactly this.” I am fortunate in that my Mum still knits, at 91, but as a child I was the recipient of hand-made garments and toys lovingly made by her, as were my own children. I think it’s important that we treasure any gift made with us in mind. I’ll be picking up this theme in a later post, but for now, enjoy the happy faces of my grandchildren when they received their birthday mice.


  1. Love the mice - well worth the effort!

  2. These are totally cute! Great make and worth all the work :o) Scarlett x

  3. It's a pleasure to see the joy on the children's little faces - 'sew' sweet!

  4. Love the cute mice you made, and how thrilled your grandchildren are!
    Have a Happy Easter.
    Helen x