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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Building Blocks for the Future

I was flicking through the May 2011 issue of Sew Magazine, when my eye fell upon this article called ‘Easy as ABC’ and showing how to make lovely nursery blocks from fat quarters of bright fabric. I had one of my déjà vu moments. Yes folks, I’d been there and done that some 32 years previously. The pictures are a little grainy but you get the idea. The close-up is taken from a slide and the colour is somewhat faded. I was reminded that this was the Christmas I made many of my children’s toys. It was my son’s first Christmas, which also saw the birth of Blue Bunny. And if you click back to that post you’ll see bunny and blocks side by side. The ones in the magazine used die-cut shapes ironed into position. Back in 1979 I made my own templates and appliqued them in place.


  1. These are lovely. I always feel a bit forlorn when I read your posts and see all your wonderful pictures that I haven't made more for my children (although I managed a sock monkey each and some bunting). I think they appreciate the home made birthday cakes though.

  2. It's 'nothing new under the sun' syndrome! I get it all the time!
    Best wishes,

  3. These are wonderful! I admire crafts in every glory (I do better with knitting and painting murals) but I'm so happy to see timeless wonders like blocks! How happy does your son look..?? I remember wooden blocks were a favourite until my older lad and his friends were making rude words for his baby brother with them! Once they became missiles they were removed! I'll keep this post bookmarked!