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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Clangers in Kit Form

I’m ready for my close-up
I wonder how many of you recognise this little creature. It’s `Tiny Clanger from the classic children’s BBC TV series ‘Clangers’. The show first appeared on British television in 1969; I was still a teenager myself, but my family and immediately became hooked. The series was being shown again when my children were young and they, in turn, succumbed to the Clangers’ charms. There are dozens of examples of Clanger toys, and I even have one that will make authentic sounds when squeezed. The Clanger above was a joint effort by my Mum and me. She knitted the pieces and I stuffed, stitched and added the ears, paws and garments, and embroidered the features. I think the pattern was a Patons leaflet.
This is my best side

I need to get a move on and make a second one though, as all the pieces have been lying in my ‘To Do’ box for years. 2011 was going to be the year of finishing the unfinished business so I need to stop making new things and concentrate on the next Little Clanger.
Clangers in kit form
If you’ve never seen Clangers I urge you to look them up on You Tube or get the DVD. The message of peace and harmony they bring would serve as an example to many today.


  1. I only recognise the Clangers from TV programmes about TV programmes - if you see what I mean - but none the less I recognised it straight away. Very cute!

  2. I was exactly the right age for the Clangers - I was 5 when they first came out - they were my all-time favourite (followed by Hector's House). Thanks for sharing! 8-)

  3. I do not recognize hime but he sure is cute.

  4. These pink mice are the sweetest. I have another recipe I make using cranberries and I think you could substitute the full berry sauce for the frozen berries.

  5. Wow! A blog that I'll keep in mind, indeed! So many hints and tips and wonderful results! The Clangers takes me way back....!