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Monday, 18 July 2011

Hearts and Flowers

As a special present for my friend Lynda, I made this Patchwork Memory Heart, which I found on the ‘allaboutyou' website. We were visiting UK for a few days and this was a thank you for a lovely time.
I remembered that her colour scheme was blue and yellow, with a sunflower painting and other sunflower themed pieces. The back of the heart is all sunflower fabric and I made up the patchwork from my fabric stash. I had already made the cross-stitch design, possibly to use in a card.

 It doesn’t have a useful purpose and is purely decorative (unless you wanted a giant pincushion or somewhere to pin shopping lists). Lynda was delighted with it and after trying it in several places she chose a spot by the kitchen window. Now I think I’d like to make some more with different themes, but first I have a crochet project to begin!
Now where shall I hang it?
In its temporary position awaiting a nail in the wall


  1. What a thoughtful gift to match her colour scheme. Hope the weather back in Lanzarote is better than here. My husband's family used to have an apartment in Puerto del Carmen and I do miss being able to visit Cesar Manrique's house, the cactus garden and the caves...

  2. Cute :) Thanks for stopping by :)