Welcome to my 'other blog' the one that explores my crafty side. I have been a maker of 'things' since childhood. By nature I'm creative. I still love to write, and you can click on this link to visit my blog: Hanging On My Word, which is where I indulge in the thought and word side. Although a teacher by profession, I don't offer tutorials. This is my showcase of projects I like to share. So pull aside the curtains and let's begin (I'm a bit theatrical too!).

Monday, 18 July 2011

Hearts and Flowers

As a special present for my friend Lynda, I made this Patchwork Memory Heart, which I found on the ‘allaboutyou' website. We were visiting UK for a few days and this was a thank you for a lovely time.
I remembered that her colour scheme was blue and yellow, with a sunflower painting and other sunflower themed pieces. The back of the heart is all sunflower fabric and I made up the patchwork from my fabric stash. I had already made the cross-stitch design, possibly to use in a card.

 It doesn’t have a useful purpose and is purely decorative (unless you wanted a giant pincushion or somewhere to pin shopping lists). Lynda was delighted with it and after trying it in several places she chose a spot by the kitchen window. Now I think I’d like to make some more with different themes, but first I have a crochet project to begin!
Now where shall I hang it?
In its temporary position awaiting a nail in the wall

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A Repeating Pattern

My first attempt at a crochet dress for my daughter and my son wearing hand-me-downs!
So, having embarrassed my son by dressing him in a bright blue angel top as a baby,  I compounded the issue by making him wear a playsuit and hat in a pretty cool cotton print, which had been made originally for his sister. I think these days it’s described as ditsy print for some reason. Well he didn’t seem to mind too much then, and it was practical.

The original owner of the ‘ditsy print’ playsuit - my daughter 

 I continued to hone my needle -skills by making most of my offsprings’ clothes. I even embroidered their little towelling bibs!

The dress my daughter is wearing was my next big challenge, and I was really pleased with it. I still have the pattern. I have a vague memory that the child model was Patsy Kensit, though I may be wrong, and it doesn’t say so anywhere. My daughter got a lot of wear out of it and I probably then passed it on to a friend. Yes thrifting was around in the seventies too!

So I decided to make one for my three-year old granddaughter - thirty odd years later.