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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Hello Dolly

Perhaps the subtitle should be: "I'm ready for my close-up", as not only have more old photos of 'Susie 1' surfaced from the archives, but today I received an update from my daughter by e-mail. Here she is in 1987 in the arms of my daughter's friend. My daughter, in her turn, is holding Nicholas, who was MY plaything at her age. He is a Roddy doll, from approximately 1960, and has now been passed on to my daughter-in-law for safekeeping for the grandchildren.

Susie aged 10
These photos are from c1987 and here she is on a picnic at the bottom of the garden accompanying, among others, dear-departed Pink Bunny (see Easter Expectations in my other blog).

Susie on a picnic with Pink Bunny
And here is the original Susie in her Spring makeover. I couldn't believe it when this photo arrived today. I asked my daughter if she'd been reading my latest blog. She hadn't and it was purely co-incidental that she'd dressed Susie in her own angel top from 34 years ago. My daughter reminded me that I'd made the bee Susie is holding too. You can see that my daughter, who is in retail management in London, also has a flair for setting the scene. See also ‘Dolled Up’ and ‘If You Knew Susie Like My New Susie’ along with 'Hair Today' which chart the project’s progress and 'On First Getting Hooked' where you can see the angel top below being modelled by my daughter as a baby, thirty-four years ago.


  1. I'd like to see more photos of Susie to see how she is made. Do you still have her pattern? (I assume you made her?) She is adorable!

  2. Nancy, I’ve updated the post above to make the links to other posts about this project much clearer. As you will see I do indeed still have the pattern!