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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Dolled Up

Here she is again, looking much more complete in her lovely dress, knitted by my 90 year old mother. Admittedly this was not made specifically for Susie 2; my Mum just loves knitting and I give her these jobs from time to time when she's at a loose end and looking for a new project. Knitting is not my favourite needlecraft, although I do love crochet (more of that in a later post). The colours are exactly right and reminiscent of coconut ice, or Neapolitan ice cream. Of course it goes beautifully with her jaunty little hat.

When my daughter saw the hat she admitted that Susie 1 didn't have one. She does now; no sooner said than done - another 75 cents well spent. Yesterday this picture of Susie 1 arrived wearing her hat and obviously feeling that Spring was in the air.
This outfit was also made by Mum, so I have now put in a request for white bootees - possibly two pairs as we have to be fair to the original Susie.

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  1. That is an adorable little doll you've made - I absolutely love the expression on her face, you've given her so much character.

    Lakota x