Welcome to my 'other blog' the one that explores my crafty side. I have been a maker of 'things' since childhood. By nature I'm creative. I still love to write, and you can click on this link to visit my blog: Hanging On My Word, which is where I indulge in the thought and word side. Although a teacher by profession, I don't offer tutorials. This is my showcase of projects I like to share. So pull aside the curtains and let's begin (I'm a bit theatrical too!).

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Eggstra

As it's Easter here are some themed egg cosies, crocheted from a pattern I found on the 'All About You' website:

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Dolled Up

Here she is again, looking much more complete in her lovely dress, knitted by my 90 year old mother. Admittedly this was not made specifically for Susie 2; my Mum just loves knitting and I give her these jobs from time to time when she's at a loose end and looking for a new project. Knitting is not my favourite needlecraft, although I do love crochet (more of that in a later post). The colours are exactly right and reminiscent of coconut ice, or Neapolitan ice cream. Of course it goes beautifully with her jaunty little hat.

When my daughter saw the hat she admitted that Susie 1 didn't have one. She does now; no sooner said than done - another 75 cents well spent. Yesterday this picture of Susie 1 arrived wearing her hat and obviously feeling that Spring was in the air.
This outfit was also made by Mum, so I have now put in a request for white bootees - possibly two pairs as we have to be fair to the original Susie.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Hair Today

I am lost in admiration for wigmakers; all those hours of threading and weaving. A large ball of fluffy black yarn sewed to Susie's head has completed her look - not entirely to my satisfaction it has to be said, but we're on the way. Looping the yarn in hanks and tacking it in place first with polyester thread, anchored it where I wanted it until I could shape it into the style I felt she deserved. A little teasing and gentle brushing, and at last Susie can hold her head up in polite society.

The only garment I have so far is a 'newborn' Mothercare sunhat picked up for 75 cents in our local English store which sells all kinds of branded seconds which you never knew you wanted until you stepped inside.. As I speak  am looking at the hat and thinking, "Should I buy a few more? There must be something I could do with them." Worth it for the floral embellishment and the button alone I should think.

See also: 'Dolled Up' and 'Hello Dolly’.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

If You Knew Susie Like My New Susie

The vintage doll pattern
When my son was born in 1979 I decided to make my daughter, then aged twenty months, a soft baby doll which she could dress in the same clothes as her new baby brother. Babygrows, and all-in-one garment, were the fashion for newborns then; a great invention. I used McCalls pattern 5796 'Awake or sleeping baby doll, wardrobe and quilt'. The doll was christened Susie as this was a nice easy name for a toddler to say. She was much loved and, although she is now somewhat raggedy, my daughter still cherishes her.

How it appeared in the Pattern Book

Susie (Mark One), with Pink Bunny and Blue Bunny 

I have kept the pattern (I expect it's what would be called 'vintage' now), and thought it would be fun to make the doll again for my three year-old granddaughter.

It was difficult finding a fabric to reflect my granddaughter's skin-tones and I found some tee-shirt material that I thought would do the job. It was certainly the right colour and was lovely and soft; however, I hadn't bargained on the knit-fabric wanting to ladder, so I will have to reinforce all the seams by hand. Susie 2 has been sewn and stuffed and is now awaiting her hair; I just have to work out how I am going to attach the thick black wool as I can't sew through the head as I did with the 1979 version - watch this space. In my post 'Dolled Up’ you can see the new Susie completed and some more pictures in ‘Hello Dolly’ and ‘Hair Today’.

The original is still cherished, even though raggedy
Susie 2- in need of hair!